The Witchfinder’s Sister

‘The Witchfinder’s Sister’, by Beth Underdown, comes highly recommended. It is the Historical Pick from the Richard and Judy’s book club, and has received glowing praise from authors and critics alike. It is the story of Alice, the sister of Matthew Hopkins – the titular and infamous ‘Witchfinder General’. Alice is forced to return to her brother’s home in Essex after her husband dies in London, shortly after her mother has passed away. She is in the early stages of pregnancy, and unsure about what her place will be with her brother, as they are not close. He offers her a home with him and she accepts, but over the coming months she grows uneasy with Matthew’s investigations of women in the village. She is drawn further and further into his world of superstition and religious fervour, and desperately seeks the truth while struggling to understand her brother’s motivations. Continue reading “The Witchfinder’s Sister”

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