Series You Should Try: ‘The Delirium Trilogy’ (Lauren Oliver)

In Lena’s world, love has been declared a dangerous disease. Her people believe it’s the root of all evil, the cause of all violence and wars. Everyone who turns eighteen is matched with a suitable wife/husband, but undergoes a surgical cure so that they are fully immunised against the dangerous effects of love. Lena’s own mother was a victim of the terrible plague, and she’s waited all her life to finally be immunised, to finally be safe. But when she meets Alex, a boy from a completely different world, everything she thought she knew and believed changes around her.

It’s not as action packed as ‘The Hunger Games’ or ‘The Maze Runner’, but Lena’s story, spread over a trilogy, is a compelling dystopian tale. You’ll find yourself drawn into this strange world where being emotionless is considered ideal, and any display of passion or strong emotion is suspicious. The characters are compelling, and while the plot wavers a little in the middle, it’s definitely worth seeing through to the end and discovering Lena’s final fate.

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