‘Trouble’ (Non Pratt)

‘Trouble’ is the story of Hannah, a rebellious 15 year old who is brought down to earth when she realises she’s pregnant. She’s got a bit of a reputation, and most people assume she doesn’t know who the father is. Actually, they start a humiliating facebook group to guess who the father is. Hannah knows exactly who the father is, but she’s not telling and he’s not interested.

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Series You Should Try: ‘The Delirium Trilogy’ (Lauren Oliver)

In Lena’s world, love has been declared a dangerous disease. Her people believe it’s the root of all evil, the cause of all violence and wars. Everyone who turns eighteen is matched with a suitable wife/husband, but undergoes a surgical cure so that they are fully immunised against the dangerous effects of love. Lena’s own mother was a victim of the terrible plague, and she’s waited all her life to finally be immunised, to finally be safe. But when she meets Alex, a boy from a completely different world, everything she thought she knew and believed changes around her.

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